I have been on this mission to clean out and reorganize my home office as I have some really big projects I am working on for next year and I knew instinctively that my home office is just a mirror to the INSIDE work I need to be doing.

As I was going through the mess, I came across a box with some old videos in it. Videos of the kids when they were little and even some videos of our son Jordon who passed away in 1999.

After having a complete and total ugly cry on the floor of my office, I washed my face (thanks Rachel Hollis) and took another look at the videos with a grateful heart.

As I was looking through them, I noticed the back yard of our home and the funky old wooden deck we had to replace. I saw the chain link fence with ivy around it that used to enclose our swimming pool. The bright yellow paint of the outside of our home.  I saw wide open space that now has 20+ year old trees that have grown taller than our house. I even saw a tree or two that is no longer there as they had fallen during storms or were removed completely to make room for new stuff.

I took a deep breath and looked around our home now, some 20 years later, I realized how incredibly far we have come and how much we have accomplished. We built a beautiful covered patio where the deck was. Tore out the ivy and chain link fence around the pool. Painted the exterior of our home. Planted countless trees, added walkways and lawn areas and flowers. Turned a shed into an outdoor bar. Built a firepit out of concrete blocks, added our entry gate and fencing and ton’s more.

Many times, when I look at my home, I get frustrated at all the work that needs to be done. I still haven’t completed my kitchen remodel. There is painting and updating needed. Items that need to be replaced. Old and worn wooden floors that have been overly lived in and a million projects on our honey do list.

It’s such a synonym for our life, right? We get frustrated at where we are in business.

Maybe you are like me and have had to start over a few times due to economy, raising kids… life!

It is easy to get into that comparison cancer zone. The one where you look at where everyone else is and start beating yourself up with the woulda shoulda coulda’s! What you are not seeing is, what it took them to get there.

But I encourage you to take a few minutes and look back. Look how far you have come. Look at all that you have accomplished in your life and business. Go all the way back! Go back to the earliest memory you have… kindergarten maybe, even to the very first award you got for citizenship.

I know it sounds kind of crazy. But you really have come so far and done so much in your life that you don’t even realize what you have done.

You are pretty darn amazing! I am sure of it! You just can’t see it yourself, but I promise those around you DO see it. And maybe they are small things to you, but to someone else it they are BIG things.

Make that list. If you get stuck, ask a few people that love you to write a line or two about how they feel about you.

Post the list where you can see it. Even better… post it in the comments of this blog post. Be brave! You can do it!

Just look how far you have come!



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