It’s an INSIDE Job…

Last week I posted a picture of my home office. And while I got lots of great compliments about it, I was feeling a bit frustrated in looking at the picture.

I realized that while I was trying to be positive about it, the truth was it was a hot mess. And if I am being REALLY honest, it has been this way for a long time… years in fact!

I had just ignored and overlooked this little corner of my world. It was dusty and dirty with cobwebs and much more. Boxes of stuff I had not looked at in who knows how long. Piles of paperwork and frankly stuff I just did not want to look at.

Stuff I had hidden away to look at SOMEDAY…! You know that famous SOMEDAY that never seems to arrive.

This home office was simply a reflection of what was going on with my own insides.

Tons of stuff I had locked away and ignored. Tons of things that I am sure held value in one way or another.

Well after looking in that big old mirror called myself, I realized my home office was just a reflection of the cleanup I needed to do within myself.

I decided to STOP talking about making those changes and start DOING the work.

I spent the next several hours CLEANING up my home office. Going through boxes of “Stuff” that needed to be thrown away, organized, put away.

In fact as I was cleaning up I found a box of gift cards. You know, the kind people give you. As I was going through the cards I found over $400 in gift cards at a variety of places. In fact one was from 2010!

How had TEN YEARS just flown by like that?

I found an adorable wood family birthday calendar my friend Lisa had made me 5 years ago that I had never gotten around to putting up. I put it up! And sent her an apology for not doing it sooner!

I found videos of my kids when they were babies that I had forgotten about.

I cleared my desk and dusted everything.

I rearranged the furniture so that I could look out the sliding glass door at our beautiful property.

I put some candles out and some fresh flowers.

As I looked around at all the progress I made, I smiled to myself and said “I am ready! I am ready for the new year and I am ready to take MYSELF to the next level and chapter of my life!”

What rooms, closets, boxes and inside stuff do you need to clean out? I would love to hear over in the comments on my blog.

Even better if you want to chat about it and what your goals are for 2020 head on over to my calendar and pick a time.



P.S. In fact, I now have room for a handful of coaching clients, if you want to join me on this journey I would be honored to spend some time talking with you. The link to my calendar is above.