Every year I hear the same complaints from agents.


And every year I look around and wonder if it is just me?

December is usually historically one of my busiest months of the entire year.

So why do most agents think this?

Well here is the truth. What you do TODAY is 90 days out. Always!

So if you took the summer off to go on vacation and play, then guess what, about now things might have slowed down for you.

But then the kids go back to school and you start hustling again then business will pick up. But it seems in October when the weather changes and it gets a bit colder… maybe you stay in bed a little longer. Put off doing open houses or prospecting then crazy as it sounds… your business will start to slow down.

And what is just three months away? Yep Holiday time!

So what will you do differently this year?

Well let me tell you what MasterClass Member, Ernestine Wilson did after watching a training inside MasterClass Real Estate Academy about Client Events. Watch here.

Oh and it has already generated FOUR referrals and over $40,000 in commissions.

Worried about your budget? Ernestine spent less than $200. Pretty awesome return on investment I would say.

Way to get that Holiday Shopping money rolling in… just in time Ernestine!

What will it be? Santa? No Santa?