If you are anything like me, there is this constant chatter going on up in my head. It is a non-stop conversation I have with who I call Negative Nelly (my alter ego).

Nelly is very loud and obnoxious.

Basic RGB

I don’t really like Nelly very much as she never has anything nice to say.

She is constantly telling me everything I am doing wrong such as:

“What were you thinking when you said that”


“Nobody is listening to your podcast, it’s horrible”

“Do you really think anyone wants to hear your training about that”

“Are you ever going to get off your behind and get that done”

“Did you see how many houses Bob sold? Why aren’t you as good as Bob?”

‘Carolyn’s Kids just won another award, You should have been a better Mom”

“I’m sure that client chose a different agent”

“You are looking a little puffy today, might want to pick a different outfit”

Nelly goes on and on about everything I’m doing wrong and questions every single decision I make always telling me what I could or should have done better

And it is really annoying!

And then there is Positive Peggy.

Peggy is my inner voice, my inner intuition… my soul you could say.

Peggy is pretty and quiet and sits in the background waiting for me to talk to her.

Peggy loves to tell me how amazing I am and how I really should listen to her more often.

When I listen to Peggy my life seems to go in a much more positive and inspiring path.

Peggy says things like…

“You can do it!”

“You are amazing”

“The world needs you”

“These agents really need help”

“Keep Moving… Keep doing the work… it will be worth it I promise”

“You’re a great mom, wife, friend, agent”

But Peggy gets drowned out a lot by Nelly as Nelly and I frequently have this inner battle over who will win in the end.

So I came up with an analogy that helps me out.

I am sure you have seen those cartoons where the DEVIL is sitting on one should and the ANGEL is sitting on the other.

Well in my opinion the DEVIL is Nelly that horrible voice inside my head.

The ANGEL is Peggy who sits inside my heart and is my spirit whispering to me.

I came up with a story I tell myself to help keep Nelly at bay.

Imagine you are going one a road trip for the next EIGHT hours and Nelly jumps in the car. And she starts rattling off all the stuff wrong with you today.

How long would you continue to ride with her?

In the old days, I might have ridden the whole way with her, but as I have grown older and have learned to listen to Peggy more….

I slam on the breaks and pull the car over and push her out of the passenger door. Likity split!

Get out of my HEAD Nelly!

So either this sounds like you to or I need to check myself into the Psych ward!

But if it is you… I’m gonna talk to you like Peggy would and tell you, that the real estate industry NEEDS people just like you.

People who genuinely care about what is best for their clients.

People who give back to their community and their world every day

People who are kind and considerate

People who go the extra mile

People just like YOU!

Stop comparing yourself to others… Stop listening to Nelly… Get her out of your head….Build your OWN version of success that works for YOU!

Keep moving… Keep doing the work… It will be worth it… I promise!



P.S. If you want help to really change the way you are doing things… join Peggy and I in www.MasterClassRealEstateAcademy.com No Negative Nelly’s allowed!