Veteran to Superstar Real Estate Agent | Scott Moeller Episode

by Marguerite Crespillo
Open the door to boundless inspiration with Scott Moeller, a luminary shaping the real estate landscape. Take part in a journey that spans from his fearless time as a USCG veteran to his current position as a top-tier realtor and negotiator.

In this conversation, Scott welcomes you into the pivotal moments that have marked his unique journey. A proud USCG veteran, Scott’s shift from a cutter backup rescue swimmer and tactical team member to a real estate powerhouse stands as a testament to authenticity and determination. His military-honed leadership skills seamlessly merge with his thriving sales career, adorned with a tapestry of honors.

However, Scott’s distinction lies in his remarkable ability to motivate and lead teams. Balancing family adventures with his role as a top-tier realtor and negotiator.

Scott brings his genuine self to every endeavor, further enriched by his pursuit of a degree in management and organizational leadership.

Explore the pivotal moments that propelled Scott from the military to real estate, and gain wisdom on navigating change, stepping beyond comfort zones, and conquering challenges.

Scott’s journey guided him to eXp Realty, a community mirroring his values and aspirations. His insights into eXp’s pioneering model and the transformative impact of mentorship will inspire your pursuit of excellence within the real estate domain.

Join us in celebrating Scott Moeller’s extraordinary journey, and let his story illuminate your path to real estate distinction at


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