Time or Results?

by Marguerite Crespillo

There are TWO types of people on this planet. Now there is no judgement either way… it is what it is and we NEED both types of people to make the world go around.

I often say that in every bee hive there is a QUEEN bee(results driven) and there are WORKER bees(gets paid for time).

Queen bee can’t get anything done without the worker bees and the worker bees need the Queen bee for direction.

It’s how honey gets made… you need BOTH!

So what about real estate?

Well let’s talk about the AVERAGE agent for a moment.

The AVERAGE agent is a worker bee. Wandering around aimlessly with no direction or plan, doing a million little things to keep “busy” not really getting ANY ONE thing done. Many get caught up in details like moving papers around, bouncing from one marketing idea to another, Facebooking (or now snapchatting) attending class after class but implementing nothing.

Now the PRODUCING Agent is usually a Queen bee but is a HOT MESS. She/He is out networking, socializing, connecting with people and in all honestly BRINGING IN THE BUSINESS but her office, car, house and business is a disaster.

She’s got a million irons in the fire and seems to be a part of EVERYTHING.

Imagine a SQUIRREL with their HAIR on fire.

Sound like anyone you know?

It’s the Number ONE reason why both the AVERAGE and the PRODUCING agent rarely push through about 18-24 transactions a year.

They hit that ceiling and bounce back to the average.

Neither the worker bee nor the queen bee will get help…

So very little if any honey/money gets made.

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