The Crespillo Zoo...

by Marguerite Crespillo

Having raised SIX kids we have had our share of animals over the years….
Hamster’s, Rat’s, Lizards, Frogs, Chickens, Rooster (bad decision), goats, sheep, fish, dog’s, cat’s and UGH…. A Snake. I fought the last one for ages, but when those little boys walk in with big brown eyes and beg me… I admit I am a sucker!
Luckily the snake did not last long!
Well now that the kids are all grown you would think that most of the pets would go away…
But we still have goats and sheep which were supposed to help us keep all the weeds down, but prefer to eat my tulips and roses.
Chickens for fresh eggs and the (bad decision) rooster who crows at 4am but also keeps the chicken hawks from getting our eggs so we keep him.
We also have Koi fish (originally cheap gold fish from Wl-Mart) in our little pond.
Three Dogs… Peewee our beautiful old girl who is part Golden Retriever and part Gordon Setter. Petey who is our Jack Russell Terrorist as we like to call him and the cranky old man lol and last but not least Rascal! My rescue mutt that we have no idea what is, that I picked up off of Good Neighbors of Lincoln Facebook group after my

two favorite dogs, Sugar disappeared one stormy summer night and Bam Bam got hit by a car!

Our cat Sasha who keeps the mice and rats out here in the country at bay…
crazy as it seems I have fallen IN LOVE with these crazy creatures. They are entertaining and funny especially when I take them outside on the grass and they try to escape. Each morning when I come downstairs they are looking up at me anxiously awaiting their dried meal worms and shrimp and they are just so funny.
So while I would like to blame the kids for The Crespillo Zoo… I probably should admit that I too… am a pet lover and really enjoy all of our cirtters!
Feel free to come on out and visit anytime and I would love to see pics of your pets.
Shoot me an email and we will add them to our Favorite Friends wall in our office of clients, friends, kids and animals!
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