Plan... Plan... PIVOT!

by Marguerite Crespillo

I don’t know about you, but NONE of this year was part of my plan! Every time I am starting to feel a little normal…. Something else happens!

I have always been a goal setter and usually around this time of year I start thinking about plans for the next year and what I want to do with not only my business but all the fun stuff like projects around the house, travel plans and much more.

I love making vision boards and posting stuff on the walls of my office to help me stay on track. Well I can confidently say that NONE of what I planned for 2020 was on my goal list! How about you?

Pivot…. In March we all freaked out a bit when for most of us we were shut down due to Covid. Being in the real estate industry we had no idea what the market was going to do and I prepared to be out of work for the most part. Little did we know we were in for the one of the craziest real estate markets I have seen in my career with homes literally selling within minutes in some cases with multiple offers and way over asking prices! Insane!!!

Then another curve ball… In June I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Thankfully, it was caught very early and they have made huge advances in treatment and I am happy to say I flew through treatment and am recovering well. It did force me to take a good hard look at my diet and exercise (which was long overdue) and reminded me of how incredibly thankful I am to have a career in real estate that allowed me to have a ton of flexibility and still continue to work.

In addition, I have the most amazing clients, friends and family who have all been so supportive and have sent lots of love, cards, text messages and so much more.

I know this year has been a huge challenge for so many. Both of our sons, who are DJ’s have been out of work since March and are just now starting to get back work. Our daughter Jessica who owns a hair salon in downtown Sacramento also had to close down for a while.

What I do know is we are all healthy and happy and while the year was not what any of us planned we found a lot to be thankful for and were able to spend more time with those we love and got a few projects done around the house! I pray that you and yours are also well and as always I love hearing from you! I am of course still selling real estate which I love and am here to help with anything you need!