New Year… New Puppy?

by Marguerite Crespillo

Happy New Year! As you may know I live in a pretty male dominated world with 5 boys and 2 male dogs as well as my hubby Joe.

So I try to balance all that testosterone a bit with animals and for years I had my dog Sugar who I adored and she kept our household in check! In fact the boys even made her a facebook profile lol. See her picture to the right…After she disappeared a few years back life has just not been the same.

Well it has taken me awhile to get over her and I finally made the decision to get another Jack Russell. I have been checking out breeders for over a year to find just the perfect dog and she was finally born on October 9 and I got to pick her up on my 55th birthday in November!

I fell instantly in love … but then have quickly been reminded of how much a new puppy is just like a new baby!

  • Sleeps all day so she can stay awake all night
  • Potty training….
  • Want’s to be held all the time…
  • Gets into EVERYTHING!
  • Has destroyed every toy we bought
  • Loves cardboard more than toys

As much as she drives me crazy I am crazy in love with this little wild thing… maybe she takes after me lol!

I would love to hear about your fur babies. Send me a picture or shoot me a quick note. I especially love your phone calls and am never too busy to chat and of course love your referrals! You can reach me at 916-996-3777.

Oh and Save the Date… June 15! We are bringing back the Summer Carnival and will have the Skynnyn Lynnyrd (Lynyrd Skynrd Cover Band) Band who performed at my Epic birthday party last year has asked to come back since we had so much fun! Make sure I have all your current contact info so you don’t miss out!

Hope your 2019 will be your best year yet! Hope to hear from you soon!