I'm Still Standing

by Marguerite Crespillo
I ran into a long-time client who bought a house with me over 25 years ago and they asked if I was still selling real estate as they haven’t received my letter in a while… Well yes I am. In fact, it will be 30 years in December which is just insane to me how quickly time has flown and how blessed I have been to have helped over 4000 people now with their real estate needs and STILL GOING STRONG!

So first let me apologize for not sending out my monthly letters the last few months… it has been a crazy busy Summer with the real estate market still pretty wild… Watch for my coming soon Market Update I will be sending to those who’s emails I have. If you are not receiving emails from me and want to get the Market updates, just send me an email to mc@crespillodelacruz.com and we will get it out to you.

We have gotten a ton of use out of our downstairs guest suite we added when we remodeled in 2021 as I spent a few months in there after breaking my foot in December and now Joe has been in there after foot surgery in May, but we are both back on our feet now and ready to rock and roll haha!

Our newest grandbaby Jaden (Number 9) was born February 25 and is living with his Dad Jacobo in our guest house so we get to see and love on him all the time. Grandchildren are God’s rewards for what our kids put us through haha!

But joking aside, we have the best kids and grandkids and of course I am biased!

So if you have not heard from me in a bit… just know I am still here and still love being your trusted real estate advisor and would love to hear updates from you too!

I can always be reached at 916-996-3777 and by the way, Save the Date for our Holiday Party this year on December 16, 2023. More details coming soon!

With lots of love and hugs,


PS If you have any real estate questions or have friends who need my help please know my business is 100% referral based from all of your great friends and family and it is an honor to help you and them!


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