EP 98 - John David Mann | Pay Attention to the Details

by Marguerite Crespillo

What another fantastic episode! It was an honor to speak with bestselling author, John David Mann about his upcoming book, co-authored by Chef Charles Carroll, “The Recipe”. While he may not be a real estate professional and their new book may not pertain to the real estate industry directly, the life lessons you gain from reading it can apply to not only your personal growth, but your professional growth as an entrepreneur.
So often in life we focus on that penthouse view. In any business we want to achieve the big picture, to reach the top, to be successful, but you can’t have any of those things without the details. The details are your foundation. As John so insightfully shared, when you pay attention to the little things, the big things tend to take care of themselves.

No one sits down and writes a masterpiece in one sitting nor can you complete a real estate transaction in a single day, but what you CAN do is focus on the task in front of you. You can focus on the making this experience a positive one for your buyer, or your reader, that will keep them coming back for more and motivates them to share with their friends!

The success you are looking for is already out there so stop stressing about HOW you’re going to get reach it and start focusing on the client, the transaction, the moments that are right in front of you and let that big picture take care of itself. Take a listen to hear more valuable life lessons that will change the way you approach your business then go get your hands on this incredible book by pre-ordering a copy before it’s released on October 17th!

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Here are some of the key takeaways you get from this episode.

  • The Importance on Focusing on Your Clients
  • The Value in the Experience
  • Why It’s Not About the Price, but the Value
  • How to Keep Improving Your Work

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