Do you suffer from FOMO?

by Marguerite Crespillo
I just got back from a long overdue much needed vacation.

You know the one you may be having panic attacks about taking? The one you keep putting off or avoiding all together because you are scared of missing out on a Million Dollar lead that you know will call you the minute you leave?

We all have it… FOMO…. Fear Of Missing Out! It paralyzes us and forces us to miss out on so much of our lives.

Missed kids events… date night …put off again, visiting relatives… no way… no time, going to the gym or taking care of ourselves… push that to the bottom of the huge to do list.

But what is the TRUE COST? The cost of relationships and our own health and happiness?

We have all met or spent time with someone who is possibly near the end of life or has had that experience of listening to all the regrets they have that had nothing to do with money or things but we still follow that endless vicious hamster wheel of running after that next big deal.

What if it could be different? What if you could actually take time off? Shut down? Disconnect just for a few days? Even if just for ONE day or a few hours?

This is a text conversation I had while on vacation.

I will tell you when I first got this text I did have that sinking feeling of … what if he won’t wait? What if he decides he needs information right now and chooses to go with another agent? But I took a deep breath and remembered that I had built my business right. This client had come as a result of a referral from another great client and I knew that what was most important was my time with my family and if I listened to my inner voice, that one that said everything has its way of working out and it will be okay that even if he decided not to wait that there was more than enough business and clients out there and I would be fine.

My FOMO has become the Fear Of Missing Out on memories with my husband and children and the people I care about.

Be honest… what do you do in this situation? Tell me in the comments below. Your story could be of huge value to someone else.

Me being totally honest with myself and those I love helped me start to make better choices and focus on what is most important… but there was a time I didn’t and I have learned that time does not wait for anyone… make the most of each day!

If this has helped you in any way, share with your friends.

And take that time off…! I promise it is worth it!



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