Building Dreams on Wheels and Homes | Corey Mckinney Episode

by Marguerite Crespillo

Venture into the captivating narrative of Corey McKinney, an innovative entrepreneur who gracefully shifted from vintage cars and advertising to the dynamic domain of real estate. His journey exemplifies the dynamic interplay of steadfast determination and imaginative innovation within the industry.

He became interested in real estate after discovering its investment potential. He delved into resources like BiggerPockets podcasts and took real estate courses to gain more knowledge. Though he had initially pursued a different career path, the encouragement of his brother-in-law and their shared entrepreneurial spirit inspired them to start a new real estate venture.


Corey and his team have been working on their project with great passion for years. They have faced various challenges and secured venture capital investment. However, regulatory changes in data dissemination shifted the landscape. Despite facing setbacks, their determination to reshape the industry persisted.

Corey took a big risk by moving to Cameron Park with a mortgage, a family to take care of, and a new real estate license. His career path materialized, transforming him into an agent by necessity. He joined Redfin, gaining valuable experience and client interactions that fueled his hunger for more substantial involvement in real estate transactions.

Transitioning from Redfin to Keller Williams, Corey delved deeper into real estate intricacies. He mastered the balance between working in and on his business while honing essential skills like lead generation, script delivery, and cold calling. However, the limited potential for growth within the team’s structure prompted Corey to look for the next opportunity in his career.

Corey’s pursuit of growth led him to eXp Realty—a turning point that amalgamated autonomy with a nurturing community. The unique model resonated deeply, enabling him to blend individual agency with a robust support system. He swiftly rebranded, revamped his marketing tools, and witnessed exponential growth.

Come and explore the inspiring journey of Corey McKinney on His success story is a true testament to how perseverance and flexibility can shape a thriving career in the real estate industry.


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