by Marguerite Crespillo

So it has been about two years now that Joe and I have been “empty nesters” sort of… lol do they every really go away?

I have to say it has been a big adjustment.

But recently we were in San Diego where our son Jon is living and got to spend some time with him learning about his “new” life and it was so great to sit down and have “adult’ conversations about what is working… and what is not working…. Hearing about

how expensive groceries and gas and utilities are.
Joe and I could not help laughing as we joked about how just a couple years ago those items were never topics of conversation around the dinner table as they left every light in the house on, inhaled a weeks worth of groceries in a matter of minutes with their buddies or had us driving them back and forth to school, friends houses, sporting events and on and on and on.

Jake is living here in Lincoln with a couple of friends and when I asked him how come he hasn’t come home to do laundry… He said “mom my apartment has a washer and dryer.” I teared up for a moment thinking he doesn’t need me….

But the best part was hearing both our boys talk about their dreams for their lives and listening to many of the things we talked about and the advice we had given them many years before come out of their mouths…
Bottom line… your kids really do hear you, even though it doesn’t seem like it at the time. They watch you and they look up to you…. Really they do!

I am so incredibly proud of our kids and what kind, thoughtful, considerate, respectful young men they have become.

And while I miss them like crazy, Joe and I are starting to get into the groove of this empty nest thing and finding more things to do with our time…and realizing it is much cheaper and simpler to travel with just the two of us haha!

I would love to hear about your empty nest stories. Call me or come visit me at our Old Town Roseville location at 108 Main Street, Roseville, Ca