25 Years and Counting!

by Marguerite Crespillo

25 Years! In the blink of an eye… it flew by! Today is the day 25 years ago that I got my real estate license! It changed the trajectory of my life in a million ways!

It gave me the privilege to help thousands of people thru one of the largest financial decisions in their life.

I’ve been honored to be a part of major and minor changes in people’s lives from helping first time home buyers, watching families grow into bigger homes, empty nesters downsizing to move on to new adventures to helping through loss and helping them walk through the emotions sell their lifetime homes…. and everything in between. I’ve been a part of laughter, tears, excitement and grief.

I’ve been a marriage and family counselor, a cheerleader, a financial advisor and credit repair expert all on the way to helping people with homeownership.

Number one reason people don’t buy a home? They don’t think they can. Helping those not only see what’s possible but help them accomplish that dream is rewarding beyond words.

Watching people start out with a $50,000 home and end up building lifetime wealth thru real estate is something this girl raised by a very poor single mom.. never imagined would be possible.

Crazy to me that I’m now helping children that I remember as little people turn into grown people and buying homes of their own💖

It gave me more friends than I could ever imagine. Not only in clients that became lifelong friends but in amazing business associates who have been there thru great times and rough times always with grace, love and support.

It taught me about business. How to build a business, lose a business and build one again.

It taught me how to not only financially invest but to invest in myself.

It taught me how to fail a million times all on the way to building my own version of success.

It taught me leadership within my home, my business, my community and in my life.

It taught me how to give more than take and a responsibility to pass on the knowledge I’ve gained over the years.

It allowed me to have the flexibility to be a big part of our six children’s lives and enjoy the magic of all those special moments.

More than anything it taught the power of the American Dream which is still alive and thriving…. homeownership!

I’m humbled and honored for each and every person I’ve touched in my 25 years and there is still so much to do.

Cheers to 25!

Marguerite Crespillo