Marguerite Crespillo

100 things I love about you

True to Marguerite’s tough-love personal style, 100 Things I Love about You is as a step-by-step, guided notebook encouraging readers to look inward, discover their own agency, reignite the foundations of their relationship and find their way back to love

Reignite Your  Relationship


When talking to anyone who has been with a partner  for long enough, and the relationship survived, they will  have stories of their trials and how they worked through  them and rebuilt their union.  

Relationships, like life, are a roller coaster ride full of  highs and lows. We just seem to have a harder time dealing  with the lows when it has to do with our home and our  emotions.

I have told the story of “100 Things I Love about You”  hundreds of times to friends and family; at speaking en gagements, on podcasts, on the radio, and even to random  people that I’ve met. People who all struggle with a  universal problem: The challenges of a relationship, and  how to survive the low point when you are ready to throw  in the towel and give up.

Marguerite Crespillo


Known as one of the top real estate agents in America (ranked #66 by the Wall Street Journal), Marguerite Crespillo is a sought-after motivational speaker, professional trainer, relationship coach, mentor to hundreds, the mother of six… and married for over 30 years… In short, she’s a powerhouse… But, she nearly wasn’t. 100 Things I Love about You is Marguerite’s personal story of overcoming tragedy through perseverance, personal growth, and the willingness to change herself. Marguerite’s unique account of what it means to almost lose everything, but, to instead choose the survival of her most important relationship, her marriage.