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“Not only is Marguerite a dynamic and informative speaker, she practices what she teaches. Her exceedingly impressive success in real estate sales, as well as in managing one of Sacramento’s biggest offices, speaks for itself. Marguerite is engaging, insightful, and sure to educate and inspire any audience that’s lucky enough to hear her.”


“It was an absolute pleasure to hear you speak today! You rocked it. Your presence commanded the room. I learned so much from you today. I won’t forget your five year old’s voicemail story or Linda Buckmaster’s story! You were a wealth of knowledge!”
Marguerite is a phenomenal coach and trainer. We have had her out to instruct 150 plus attendees and she was a hit. She conducts her seminars with amazing results. If you are looking for a head turner, you have found your gal.

With regards to coaching, she has coached many top agents and made certain that their Real Estate business was taken to the next level. Look no further, Marguerite Crespillo is your coach and trainer!

“Thank you so much for the great presentation at Keller Williams! I always love the personal touch you put on your business. I have to pass on some of you wonderful ideas to my clients. Especially love the birthday lunch idea!”
I had the pleasure of being coached by Marguerite while I was working as a Real Estate Agent at SellState Realty First. When I first started coaching with her, I had absolutely nothing going in my business. I was burnt out and completely unmotivated, and was toying with the idea of perhaps needing to leave the industry that I loved. I was stuck in a rut, and needed help digging my way out. Marguerite, through her coaching, provided the much needed shovel for me; in fact, within two short months, I had five escrows going, and was feeling on top of the world because of it.

Truly, Marguerite is the best coach I have ever had. She knows this business inside and out, and she has great ideas with helping people achieve results. Her materials are second to none, and I would highly recommend Marguerite to anyone who is ready to take their business to the next level!


“Goals vs Priorities”, by Marguerite Crespillo, was enlightening at the very least! Marguerite has a gift of teaching and inspiring people to get motivated and she delivers it loud and clear thru this class. This class offers not only inspiration for agents but for anybody looking for the tools they might need to put a little more ‘pep’ in their step for whatever goal is on your mind. In this class you interactively set priorities to help you reach any array of goals, from building business AND personal relationships to improving your time management skills, and much more. I can’t wait to hear more!”
Thanks for everything! You’ve already helped me TREMENDOUSLY with your naming convention strategy. I cannot tell you how much time that saves me hunting down files!

Oh my LORD!! They are life changing on an exponential level!! I never knew how much time I was wasting tracking down files!! The average sales contract, and multiple addenda, disclosures,etc, is overwhelming when I’m looking for which copy has the buyers’ signatures, did the other agent sign this one, etc. If I never learn anything else from you, but, I know that I will, that strategy ALONE was PRICELESS! Thanks again!

“Marguerite exudes joy whether serving her clients, or colleagues. After taking the time to listen, she considers options, and then helps guide along the path to a successful outcome. I have seen her do this in finding the right home for a buyer, representing a seller on a challenging home, coaching other Realtors, and working to serve her community. I would encourage anyone to work with her.”
Marguerite has a generous spirit and is a loyal, positive individual. She’s also the “go-to” person in real estate circles throughout Northern California; people continually turn to her for help, both personally and professionally. Her strong work ethic has helped her achieve a number of successes in her career, but she still makes quality time to spend with her endearing family!, She certainly remembers “where she came from and why family is so important.” That’s a quality we’ve always admired. We trust her impeccably because frankly, she’s never let us down. We also laugh together- a lot!

For all these reasons, we highly recommend Marguerite as a tremendous public speaker, social media expert and a professional real estate coach.

“Marguerite is one of the best and can always motivate me when I am needed a great idea to get going again. if you need business – she is the one to teach you where to find it and how to go get it!”
I have to hand it to you. I don’t see how you have the energy to do all these things. You are amazing and I admire your attitude. You always seem positive and very knowledgeable. Thanks for being out there to support the real estate community!
Marguerite Crespillo speaks with great authority to the real estate industry! Hers has been a long and road career, consisting not only of a successful practice of her own, but many years of coaching other professionals to their goals.

She has been a respected colleague and I have had the pleasure of hearing her speak on numerous occasions and she never failed to deliver timely and practical material that was immediately actionable for her audience. Her real and honest approach make her relevant to her listener and as a speaker she is always prepared, polished and professional. She will be a genuine asset to any event!



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