EP 103 - John David Mann | You Are Richer Than You Think! Seriously!

by Marguerite Crespillo

It has been so fun digging back into the Real Estate Real World Podcast again and Wow, this episode is a game changer! Finances and Money is always a tough conversation but one of the most important ones and when I heard from John David Mann about the newest book The Latte Factor he wrote with David Bach I knew I had to get him back on the show! Funny thing is I met David Bach about 10 years ago at a National Association of Realtors event when he wrote the Automatic Millionaire which definitely had an impact on my life.

I am thrilled to welcome author John David Mann back to the show for a second time! In fact we have highlighted his books a few times with Bob Burg and the Go Giver as well as when we chatted with John about The Recipe  that he co-wrote with Chef Charles Carroll.

I just can’t seem to get enough of the stuff he writes, and I was excited to have him come back as he shares with us some insider information on his and David Bach’s latest book, The Latte Factor. This book is incredible!

The Latte Factor, for those of you wondering what that even means, is about becoming aware of the power of little things. We dive into what that looks like both professionally and personally, but like I said, this concept is a game changer!

The desire to achieve more in life is natural. We all have dreams, wishes, aspirations, but something holds us back. Why do we let that happen, but more important, how do we change it?

It’s simple, you don’t need to win the lottery. You can change your own life just by becoming more aware of what is right in front of you because believe it or not, you’re richer than you think. It sounds crazy, but it’s true! Intrigued? I was too! Take a listen and find out how a change in perception can change your life for the better.

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Show Features
Here are some of the key takeaways from this episode.

  • The Value in Noticing The Little Things
  • How to Finance Your Dreams
  • The Benefit of Finding Unbridled Joy
  • Why Budgets Never Work


Show Notes


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