100 Things I Love About You

Overcome the challenges and reignite your relationship with simple step-bystep guidelines to find your way back to love.

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About The Book

Known as one of the top real estate agents in America (ranked #66 by the Wall Street Journal), Marguerite Crespillo is a sought-after motivational speaker, professional trainer, relationship coach, mentor to hundreds, the mother of six—and married for over 30 years. In short, she’s a powerhouse…

But she nearly wasn’t.

100 Things I Love About You is Marguerite’s personal story of overcoming tragedy through perseverance, personal growth, and the willingness to change herself. Marguerite’s unique account of what it means to almost lose everything, but, to instead choose the survival of her most important relationship, her marriage.

True to Marguerite’s tough-love personal style, 100 Things I Love about You is a step-by-step, guided notebook encouraging readers to look inward, discover their own agency, reignite the foundations of their relationship and find their way back to love.

Marguerite has the key to living a happier marriage and relationship. She has loved this out herself and wants to share the joy and happiness she’s found in her marriage with others. You won’t regret getting this book.


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I have told the story of 100 Things I Love about You hundreds of times to friends and family; at speaking engagements, on podcasts, on the radio, and even to random people that I’ve met. People who all struggle with a universal problem: the challenges of a relationship, and how to survive the low point when you are ready to throw in the towel and give up.

Every relationship goes through challenges. Every. Single. One.

When talking to anyone who has been with a partner for long enough, and the relationship survived, they will have stories of their trials and how they worked through them and rebuilt their union.

Relationships, like life, are a roller coaster ride full of highs and lows. We just seem to have a harder time dealing with the lows when it has to do with our home and our emotions.

My husband and I are no different. We went through some of the hardest trials a relationship can face, but, along the way, at the lowest point, I decided that I didn’t want to lose my husband and our marriage and so rather than quit, I listened, learned and changed my thinking. I’m sharing my story with you and the power of writing 100 Things, hopeful that this book causes you to pause and consider what would be lost, and then in some small but meaningful way, helps you to reignite your love and relocate the soul of your relationship.



100 Things grabbed and entranced me from the very first paragraph, and it didn’t let go until I reached the last. Marguerite’s spirit pours through every page—the hilarity, the heartbreak, and most of all the hard-won wisdom: poignant, powerful, and immensely useful. Put this book in as many people’s hands as you can, and you’ll help a lot of marriages. Maybe even save them.

— John David Mann, multiple New York Times bestselling coauthor of The Go-Giver and The Go-Giver Marriage

Even though it focused on a personal relationship between a husband and wife, this book is valuable in any relationship and a must read. It is touching and offers very good advise that you could use for all of your relationships. I loved the exercises and I suggest that you read this before going to a counselor or attorney. You just might save yourself a lot of money.


Really terrific book Marguerite! I couldn't put it down from pg 1 to the end. Easy, fun read with some tearjerker moments (happy tears) and packed with wonderful advice. I thoroughly enjoyed your book!


OMG! I read the first chapter. However, as much as I did not want to, I had to put down your book to get back to work. Can’t wait to finish it! Thank you for taking the time to finish this incredible journey.


Great easy read that was very enjoyable to read. Nice to learn Joe and Marguerite's story. Wonderful written short book to help relationships and learn how to love your partner again! I started reading it in bed in the morning and read the whole book, couldn't put it down. I laughed and learned some great things from this one!


I thoroughly enjoyed "100 Things I love about you" and the journey of a relationship that faced many challenges. Margarite's charm, straight forward style and determination was apparent and relatable. Life can and does toss many obstacles and challenges. Learning to understanding what's important and working together vs focusing on what's not important is Key. Bravo on her comment "I was the only person I could control". We tend to forget there are two people in a relationship. Thank you my friend for sharing your insight and reminding us why we chose to work through those challenges and enjoy a relationship with our partner through the messiness we call LIFE.


About the author.

Having been a top producing Real Estate Agent since 1996 I have survived just about every challenge and curve ball the market has thrown consistently selling 100+ homes a year for 25 years as well as running a brokerage with 80+ agents.

I’ve been able to do it while staying married to my amazing husband for 28+ years and raising our three children and three bonus kids Joe brought to our marriage:) I’m incredibly blessed and grateful every day for the incredible opportunities I’ve been given and the ability to give back by helping others achieve their own version of SUCCESS!

Life and Business Coach to help you build a business around a life that you love!

Marguerite Crespillo

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