One of my favorite country songs is by Trace Adkins called Your Gonna Miss This.

You’re gonna miss this, You’re gonna want this back       group
You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast
These Are Some Good Times, So take a good look around
You may not know it now,But you’re gonna miss this

This weekend my son Jacob turned 18 and we had a big party at our house for him. For those of you who know me personally you know that my house has always been full of not only my kids but most of their friends. My grandma always said I live in a!

I woke up early after the party and walked down to the family room where there was about 25+ kids laying all over the floor and couches sound asleep and I just sat and watched them for a bit with a few tears in my eyes. Most of these kids I have watched grow up since they were in kindergarten or in the case of my nephews… since they were born. I proceeded    to the babystairskitchen and started cleaning up the huge mess from the night before and started cooking breakfast. I didn’t take long for the smell of bacon to make it down to the family room and then the flurry of activity started all over.

I felt so incredibly blessed as I thought back over the years and the fact that real estate has given me not only the opportunity but the freedom to be able to spend time with these kids, to laugh and cry… mostly laugh as boys do some crazy stuff.

What is also very cool is how many of my clients remember when he was just a baby. Of course that is aging me a bit J

I am so very proud of my son Jacob and all of his friends as he gets ready to jump into the world of adulthood head on! But I am soooooo gonna miss this!

Thank YOU for being a huge part of my life and this amazing real estate career I get to be a part of as for some of you I now get to help your kids and I wont admit it yet …. But grandkids!