If you’re like me you both love and hate this time of year. It seems like I am always trying to fit everything in. Decorating, shopping, holiday parties, Christmas cards, cooking and so much more all with the intent of making 1everyone feel important and loved….

When the bottom line is we all just want TIME with each other. Which seems to just move faster and faster….
This year has been a true shift in my life as big changes have taken place. Our son Jake is in his second year at Sierra College and works a couple days a week at our company in our marketing department and he loves making the new digital music. Which I don’t quite understand the music but it sounds pretty cool and he is very talented.
Jon graduated high school in June and is working at Mount Rose Ski Resort in Reno for the winter… rough job for a young man lol. He teaches snowboarding lessons and gets to spend all of his off time on the slopes.

2 It has become very quiet around our house as they move into their own lives and I struggle with still wanting very much to be their mom and a big part of their lives to letting them grow  up and live their own lives and make their own path. I hear it gets easier but I’m just not ready  to let go:(

 Good news is we have FOUR grandchildren thanks to Jessica, Joey and Philip who are all  doing wonderful and we love spoiling our grandkids, Chloe, Charlotte, Marlee and Jordon.IMAGE 3
I guess it’s the next chapter of life:)

Joe and I want to wish you a very Happy New Year with the ones you love and hope that you get all the TIME you want!
And that next year is your best year yet!

With Love and honor,