Joe and I have lived in our home now for almost 21 years. I remember clearly when we bought it that it felt so HUGE. We had moved from a 900+ square foot home to the 3200sf home we now live in. We didn’t have hardly any furniture as it took every penny we had to just buy the home (by the way, the interest rate was 10% and we were so happy to get it at a time when they were much higher) so I used cardboard boxes and threw table clothes over them to fill the rooms.

vince-scuncio-realtorFast forward 20 years and I am AMAZED at how much junk we have collected. It seems every corner has “stuff” in it. It reminds me a great skit by the infamous George Carlin. If you are reading this only here is a link. If not, Google George Carlin “stuff”! Its hilarious!
I keep thinking everyone should have to move every couple of years just to clean out the clutter but that thought paralyzes me lol!
Well back in January of this year you might remember me posting a picture in my monthly letter of my home office.
I’m pretty sure everyone has that ONE room that seems to be a catch all for everything. For me this room is my home office! It seems whenever we a party or company coming everything gets shoved into this room no matter what it is.
So a few weeks ago I was chatting with my neighbor and complaining about my “hoarder” room and she laughed and said “I’m happy to help you clean it out!” And the very next day, she came down and we spent the entire day cleaning it out. It was amazing!
We started by taking EVERYTHING out of the room. I mean everything! Then we went through and made a few piles.vince-scuncio-realtor


1. What goes back in the room
2. What goes to Charity
3. What goes in the garbage
4. What goes into another room.

Now I don’t know about you, but having another person help with this not only made it go so much faster but made it possible as she is not as emotionally attached to anything in my house, so she kept eye balling me and saying “DO YOU REALLY NEED THAT?”
I have to tell you this was the best thing I ever did. It was so freeing and soul cleansing.
Now if I can just stop procrastinating about my clothes closet! How about you? You have a few closets you can clean out? I would love to hear your stories!