Get a glimpse into the mind of Serial Entrepreneur, Toby Salgado in my recent podcast episode! At the age of 9 he started his first business venture selling toilet bowl cleaners…Now Toby’s the host of, a TOP 100 iTunes podcast show with over 40,000 monthly listeners featuring Top Producers across the country sharing their SECRETS to Success.

I was blessed to be a guest on his show last year and now I flipped the script and asked him stop by and spill the beans of what it TRULY takes to be successful.  NOT ONLY what he’s found to work for himself…but what his 100’s of past guests have shared during their interviews.  This podcast is like a Cliff’s Note version to building a highly profitable real estate business.

Ever wonder what makes a Top Producer be a Top Producer?  There are thousands of systems, techniques and scripts that can generate business, but what really separates the SUPER AGENTS from the rest?   In the first 10 minutes Toby drops the #1 THING he’s found that EVERY Top Producer shares…it’s SO INCREDIBLY simple!!  Why aren’t you doing it?  or are you?…

Listen in to find out and PLEASE share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below!

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