Time or Results?

by Marguerite Crespillo

Dear Friends,

It seems growing up you are so anxious to reach each milestone of your life.

I remember when I couldn’t wait to be Double Digits… aka 10 years old!

Then it was officially a “Teen” at age 13.

And true independence or so I thought was when I could officially DRIVE…. 16!


18 was the day I was an ADULT…. Just thinking of that word now makes me shudder…. I mean I had no idea that an adult meant I had to work, pay my own bills, buy groceries and who knew that I would have to pay for electricity and water… ugh!

But the BIG one was always the 21st Birthday! The day you could legally drink alcohol and was always looked at with huge anticipation of being able to Party like Rockstars!

Well this last weekend our Baby… the youngest one… Jon officially turned 21 and he made sure to go out with a bang.

We booked two nights at the Hard Rock Hotel in Gas Lamp District in San Diego and we all made the trip to spend the weekend with him and his friends. Actually I was honored that he asked us to come until I realized he really just wanted us to pay the bill … haha…

Now myself I was asleep at Midnight when he officially turned 21 but his daddy had to show up the youngsters and stayed out and partied with them until 2am.

What he forgot was how much harder it is to recover from a wild night at 64 than it is at 21.

To top it off Joe was able to get on stage to do his comedy at The Comedy Store in La Jolla and of course was a big hit!

It was truly an EPIC and fun weekend and will go down in history as one of the best. One that I am sure Jon nor the rest of us will forget anytime soon.

And thank goodness, he is the baby… not sure we can survive another one!

Which birthday has been the most fun for you? I would love to hear about it! Give me a call or shoot me an email.