If you are anything like me you get a ton of email and good ole junk snail mail. But what we don’t get much of anymore are personal cards and letters.

You know the ones that you used to get from your Grandma or Aunt Sally would send every year at Christmas.

The kind that had all the gossip in it about all your cousins or family friends that you don’t remember?

We used to laugh about it every year but always read every bit of it, mostly I guess because we all have that nosy side to us that wants a peek into other people’s lives.

And frankly it is more exciting than boring newsletters about real estate statistics or sports schedules (well maybe some people like those sports schedules.

I write about whatever happens to be going on in my life. I have written about my kids (boys give you tons of great material), my grandparents, being an empty nester and much more.

They don’t have to be fancy or perfect English or formatted correctly… just like this email.

But here is the real point. What is most important is that you MAIL yes I said good ole fashion SNAIL MAIL… NOT EMAIL… something every month!

I will tell you that this has truly been a HUGE part of my success. I have literally mailed to my database EVERY MONTH for over 20 years.

Now in all honesty, I have missed a few months over the years and have been late on occasion too.

But if you remember the client that I have been talking about the last few days in my emails? This was his recent email to me that started that chain of events:

Hi Marguerite, You were our realtor when we bought our home in Penryn about 15 years ago. Wow! How time flies. I continue to think about you because of those damn annoying monthly newsletters. Don’t stop sending them, I read every one. Well, life is what it is, and it’s time to sell my mom’s house. I will be talking to several realtors but thought you would like first shot at it. Interested? I very much look forward to talking with you.

Mark and Diana

So the bottom line is I have not talked to this particular client in many years but I was able to stay in touch with him and his wife and stay connected to them even if it was a simple monthly letter.

This is what a LIFETIME business looks like…

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