You might remember the email I sent out last week about the Doozy of a Mistake I made, for the first time in my 23-year career, I failed to show up for a listing appointment.

Well I was able to redeem myself and the seller agreed to reschedule and meet with me. I was so worried about disappointing him again that I went through my market analysis and reviewed my seller’s presentation probably 20 times to make sure I did not make another mistake.

I arrived at his house 30 minutes early and just parked around the corner… just to make sure I didn’t get caught in traffic or something else out of my control.

When he arrived we joked and laughed about my big mistake and had a great time reconnecting and talking about the 15 years prior when he purchased his home from me originally.

At the end of the appointment I felt great and he mentioned that since the house was in a trust he was required to meet with a couple other agents to compare notes.

My heart sank a little bit, but I knew I had put in my very best effort.

A few days go by and I am nervous… and got all up in my head (where nothing good happens) and convinced myself that he probably was going to choose another agent….when the phone rings and it’s him.

At first I was afraid to answer thinking I would rather hear the bad news on a voicemail but decided to bite the bullet and take the call.

He started laughing as soon as I answered the phone and said “your industry is full of idiots”. Yikes!

He said he had spent the last few days interviewing a few agents and could not believe the lack of professionalism and failure to prepare for the appointment.

Seems he interviewed THREE agents. One walked in the front door, saw the view and said he was not prepared for the appointment and asked to reschedule, another walked in with simply a business card, no preparation or comparables and told him it would sell for $200,000 less than I had said, the third one when asked about what marketing she would do, said well I would put signs up and left it at that.

Now I am not in any way trying to bash other agents. In fact I never even asked him who the other agents were (even though you know I wanted to know).

But tragically this is more common than not.

So my question to you is, could you have been one of these agents? I know in my early years I was and I realized I was LOSING business because of it.

What are you doing to step up your game? How are YOU showing up?

We have answers inside the


P.S. He did decide to list with me and the home will be going on the market next week for $1,000,000:)