I did a google search today on what the cost of a college education is…

And according to Forbes Magazine it could cost up to $334,000 to get a FOUR year degree!

$334,000… Craziness…

And the sad thing for many is they can spend that money plus FOUR years of their life and STILL not have a career that they love nor make much money at.

Luckily (lol) for me I only went to the local community college after high school because I grew up in a small town and there were more boys at college.

But that didn’t last long either when I realized I had to take stuff like biology and math to get a degree.
Out into the work force I went and stumbled across real estate.

Because I had not gone to college I felt a bit intimidated by people that I thought were smarter than me and went on a quest to learn everything I possibly could.

I attended every class, workshop, seminar that I could possibly find. I read countless books, followed blogs and sunk my teeth in deep to everything and anything to do with real estate and marketing.

I INVESTED heavily in myself…. To the tune of WAY OVER $334,000 it would have cost to go to college

The result…. I have made back 100X more than I invested… literally…. than many with college educations.

I am NOT advocating to NOT go to college. I don’t think anyone ever regrets going to college, but many regret NOT going.

What I am saying is YOUR SUCCESS will fall in line in direct proportion to how much TIME and MONEY you are willing to INVEST in yourself and your business.

You can start here… www.MasterClassRealEstateAcademy.com

~ Marguerite