I’m in National Harbor Maryland speaking for the Virginia Association of Realtors Conference on How to Run your Business Like a Business and not a hobby and in the same hotel are two other conferences going on…

The Air Force Association and a Tractor Conference.

Kind of two very different organizations…. But not really.

As I watched all the Air Force men and women stroll through the conference halls in their uniforms and countless medals and ribbons I was extremely impressed and humbled.

But I was also impressed and humbled by the men and women who were in their own type of uniforms…jeans, polo shirts and flannels who were part of the tractor association.

Because both of these organizations are a huge part of what makes America great.

As the Air Force fight for and maintain our freedom…

The tractor operators and companies are building and rebuilding our roads, our buildings… our HOMES.

As a part of the real estate industry we get the honor of helping people obtain and maintain the American dream… homeownership.

Each one of us is a vital part of the bigger picture and have an obligation and a responsibility to do the very best job and create the most amazing experience possible for our clients.

This is what drives me every day to get up, show up and continue to raise the bar in our industry and for all those I come in contact with.

It’s why I created the MasterClassRealEstateAcademy

If you feel the same way… join me now MasterClassRealEstateAcademy


P.S. I will admit the “site seeing” was very nice here in the hotel:)