As I sat down today to write, since it is Thanksgiving after I all I thought I would write about what I am thankful for. All the usual stuff came to mind, my family, friends, health, happiness, and of course much more. But this time I kept trying to go deeper and deeper. What am I REALLY thankful for? I thought back to one of my mentors Joe Stumpf and he used to talk about going SEVEN levels deep. What does that mean? Well when you have a conversation with someone about something big such as buying or selling a home or … what they are thankful for, most people will tell you the surface stuff. You know the easy stuff like they want a 3 bedroom home or great neighborhood. But to get to the REALLY important stuff you have to keep asking the questions, Why? Why? Yes, Why is that important to you? And if you are really good, you ask the question SEVEN times! Because once you ask about the 5th or 6th time, that’s where you get the REAL TRUTH! What is their deepest concern? What is really important to them! That’s where you truly connect with their human spirit and that is where the magic happens! So here is what I am MOST thankful for this year. My Seven Level Deep thankful! MY BRAIN! It’s amazing this brain we have that we seem to take for granted. Some call it your mind, your center, your spirit, your energy, your essence, your soul! For today I will simply call it My Brain…. The Brain that gives me the power to think and dream and imagine things that I never thought possible. The Brain that holds the memories of those who are no longer on this earth and the same one that reminds me to hold close the ones who are. The Brain that reminds me to eat (sometimes too much) and take care of my body (sometimes not enough). The Brain that gives me the ability to read and write, see and feel, breath and touch. The Brain that reminds me to be grateful and thankful and to give more than I get. The Brain that has shown me how to connect with people all around the world. Amazing people, kind people, loving people, powerful and imaginative people that have and continue to change the world in huge ways and small life changing ways all with the power of their own brains! The Brain that helps me Lead, Manage and Inspire others. The Brain that tries to stay focused on seeing the glass half full instead of half empty. The Brain that shows me my in movie form, my favorite memories of my past and my visions for the future. The Brain that lights my eyes up when I see all the people I love. THE BRAIN THAT REMINDS ME TO LAUGH…CRY…LIVE…LOVE! What is your SEVEN Level deep thing you are thankful for? I want to know… Please post in the comments on my blog! Have a wonderful thanksgiving… and be sure to feed your brain!