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Ready to take your business to the next level? Then you need Sales Fuel, a NO Non-Sense Straight to the Point Accountability Classes that will propel you to success!

Look Here’s the Deal

The majority of real estate agents, both brand new and frankly ones that have been in the business for years, never created a foundation for bringing in new business. Honestly most fly by the seat of their pants with a few prayers along the way hoping that business will randomly drop in their laps. They might even get lucky and a few friends or family members will have mercy on them and will use them.

But the bigger problem is because they have no structure or systems in place, they usually piss off those family and friends and end up getting out the business. This is really sad to me, because many times these are really great agents who genuinely care about people and really want to help but they never learned not only a process for generating a continues stream of business but they have never learned how to set the expectations for their client or create any kind of consistency.

Over 20 Years of Mistakes

You see I have been in real estate for over 20+ years and have personally been a part of helping over 3500 people with their real estate needs and I’ve been researching and testing strategic processes for over 20 years in my own business.

I can tell you that I have literally spent THOUSANDS of dollars Each year learning from the best trainers, coaches and active real estate agents learning new ideas, strategies and systems and then I come home and test and tweak them until they really fit into my lifestyle as a busy mom, wife, and owner of a real estate brokerage here in the greater Sacramento area.

Do You Want Results Right NOW?

The result has been a business bigger and better than I ever dreamed of having and after repeated requests from hundreds of agents around the country I‘ve finally put all of my strategies and secrets together, just for you.

I’m going to be doing a LIVE 8-week series where I give you my step-by-step action plans, a proven system for generating and converting leads, AND I’m going to hold you accountable with live interaction and coaching.  I call this program REAL ESTATE SALES FUEL, because if you follow the program, you’re going to set the world on fire! (or at least your sales).




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Here's what you get...

8 Weeks of No Filter, No nonsense systems and processes to get your butt in gear.

Weekly Calls jam packed with ideas and information to set your business on fire!

Private Interactive Facebook Group to discuss ideas, hold you accountable and keep you motivated

Membership site where you will have access to all materials used, recordings of all calls available for download and Super Secret Bonus Material

Don’t just take my word about how AWESOME it is….


“Sales Fuel gave me the accountability I needed.  I generated 25% more leads and my overall performance on the phone has dramatically improved!”

Renee Inman

Beach & O'Neill

“Sales Fuel is an EXCELLENT way to learn what it actually takes to be successful in Real Estate.  I highly recommend this class if you want to get results! “

Ray Fuentes

Fathom Real Estate

“Sales Fuel was AMAZING! It really gives you the day by day stuff that you need to be successful in this business.”


Jules Torres

Century 21

So…You ready to get started?

Okay, GOOD!  Normally, this would sell for $497.  However, because you’re already here, (I don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money on google or Facebook to find you), I’m going to offer you this program for only $297That’s a $200 discount, just for being you and being here.

End this year witha BANG and join us!

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**First class will start on Thursday, September 7th 2017 at 10:00am Pacific**

Commit to your success this year!



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