My Pic Today we spoke with Ray Warda. Ray has the passion for extraordinary results. He is the creator of Extraordinary – The Ultimate Achievement!

Ray has a passion for entrepreneurship, marketing and technology. He has assisted and trained thousands of entrepreneurs throughout the country, on how to transform their business and personal lives from average to extraordinary. As professional speaker at his presentations, workshops and keynote speaking, Ray shares exclusive marketing strategies that will propel your business to a higher level.

Ray trains entrepreneurs about the six key fundament components of achieving extraordinary results:

  • Consistent Positive Mindset
  • Continuous Education
  • Execution – Taking Action
  • Focus
  • Development of Diverse Marketing Strategies Online/Offline
  • Goal Setting

Ray Warda is also a licensed California Real Estate Broker and is currently working in conjunction with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development contracts. Find out more about Ray at