I’ve been blessed that for most of my real estate career I have been able to take Sundays OFF to be with my family. It’s not normal in the real estate world but I’ve made it a priority and it turns out it is one of the best decisions I have made. crespillofamily Sundays have become a day where I rarely get out of my pajamas and I get to cook whatever I want all day. I also love to cook desserts. This last Sunday we had several pumpkins left over from Halloween, so I cooked them all down and made tons of pumpkin puree and then proceeded to try and find as many recipes that I could use the pumpkin in. Thank goodness for the internet where you can find everything under the sun as well as YouTube videos and more to help out with all kinds of tips and tricks! It’s awesome! So at the end of the day I ended up with 27 2 cup bags of Pumpkin Puree which is sure to get us through the holidays. One of the tips from YouTube was to put 2 Cups in each bag so you don’t have to measure it out! Brilliant! On top of that I made a Pumpkin Pineapple Upside Down Cake (Joe’s new favorite). Pumpkin Squares with Cream Cheese Frosting (thanks Sheila Reynosa), Bomb Diggity Spicy Pumpkin Seeds and a Perfect Sunday dinner with most of our kid’s home. It is shear entertainment to sit around the dinner table with three of our boys… oops MEN. The conversations go where you just cannot explain but my stomach ends up hurting from laughing so hard. It’s what life is all about! What do you love doing on your Perfect Sundays? I would love to hear from you! By the way, as Thanksgiving comes upon us I want to make sure to tell you how incredibly grateful I am to have you in my life in any way possible! Enjoy this Thanksgiving Holiday with those you love! With Love and Honor, Marguerite