I don’t know about you, but I have always been the type to set goals. Since a very young age, I have always kept a journal and every few months I would sit down and write out what I wanted to accomplish. I am always fascinated by the power of words and what you write down.

I have been reading a lot lately, trying to catch up on the big stack of books that sits on my nightstand and I grabbed one I have been meaning to read for a while: One Word that will change your Life by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton and Jimmy Page (no not the singer lol). It’s a short book. Took me less than an hour to read it but what an impact.

home It talks about breaking down your goals and dreams to ONE word for the year.
So after much thought and personal debate, my word is HOME!

I have spent the last 20 years, raising children, running a brokerage, helping my great clients buy and sell homes and somewhere in there making room for me that our home has seen better days. Not to mention that raising boys can challenge the condition of even the toughest houses.

Now with the boys heading off to college and jobs is the perfect time to RE-DO our house.
My Team Partner Heather Sims sent me the perfect quote… Home is not a place… it’s a Feeling! I love this! And as life changes so does our home.

I’ve thought about downsizing into a smaller home, but we absolutely LOVE where we live and are so emotionally attached to our home, that I just cannot imagine living anywhere else. Our children have never lived anywhere else. So much of our lives have happened in our home and I look forward to many more years watching grandchildren and great grandchildren spending time there too.

For most of my adult years I have helped so many others buy and sell their homes as their lives have changed and no matter what they say, it is always emotional. I always try to remember those feelings and how wonderful and difficult those changes and feelings can be.
Thank you for trusting me to help you with those life changes and I hope that you can find that ONE word that makes sense for you in 2015. I would love to hear what your word is!