Never ending projects….

by Marguerite Crespillo

Having been in real estate for going on 25 years I am always fascinated how when a client buys a new home, they have this whole list of all the things they are going to do to the home. Such as updating the kitchen, new flooring, paint etc.

Then sadly many of those projects don’t get done until right before they get ready to sell the home, and the new buyer comes in with their new list.

I am no different I guess in that we bought our home 24 years ago as a foreclosure. And we had a HUGE List of all the things we have wanted to do over the years.

Things from putting in sprinklers to major remodel items and it just seems that life (and the real estate market) kept getting in the way.

Now we are NOT selling our home any time soon, but I have really been tired of looking at all the projects on our list and we have been working hard on checking them off.

This year what started out as a few small projects have turned into some pretty big ones.

  1. Bought a tool shed that turned into an amazing bar/party storage by our amazing son Philip.
  2. What started out as a cool sign made by our friend Jim has turned into a beautiful entry gate
  3. A new chicken coop is turning out to be a Chicken Mansion called Casa de Pollo
  4. What’s next???? Hopefully remodeling our kitchen!!!!

So what things are on your list? Or have you considered just moving lol…. You know I can help you with that part! Give me a call and tell what you are up to! Cell: 916-996-3777