The coolest part of this interview is my guest’s name is MARGUERITE too… to…two… also? We had such a great conversation about different versions of success and what exactly is the new norm.

Marguerite has built an extraordinary business that works perfectly for her where people CHOOSE her instead of having to go out and constantly look for new business. In fact she stopped LISTING homes in 2009 and refers all of her listings.

This conversation is so real and transparent as we talk about how realtors really lie to each other in so many ways and are we really honoring and promoting the right values in our industry? Are we focusing on the wrong stuff at the national conferences and events?

If you are struggling with work/life balance you will feel better after listening to us Marguerite’s smack it down.

I really want to hear your opinions and thoughts on this one…. It is so good!

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