Dear Friends,4

I’ve always heard the saying “If I had known how much fun Grandkids are I would have had them first” and I would chuckle and laugh, but little did I know how very true that is! You see I think that we get rewarded for all the trauma we go through with our own kids by getting gran

1Actually I can’t lie my kids are pretty awesome if I could only have skipped the teenage years (oh and I am so sorry Mom for all the trauma I put you through) then I am pretty sure they are perfect lol!

But having Grandkids takes the cake! We now have FOUR of them. Charlotte (momma is our daughter Jessica and her husband Bob), Chloe and Marlee (dad is Joey Jr) and then our only grandson… so far is Jordon (dad is Philip and his beautiful wife Marissa). And they are just a blast!

Sunday w3e had a Cowboy themed 3rd Birthday Party for Jordon complete with pony rides, goats, chickens and our newest pet Quackers G the gangster duck.2

My Grandkids call me Nina and it is so cute when Jordon calls out “I love you Nina the moistest” just melts my heart. And when our kids say … you are spoiling them! I get to say YEP! That’s my job!

I would love to hear about your kids and grandkids. Send me a quick update via email at or on Facebook!


Marguerite aka Nina