We are in this crazy technological generation where it seems that the only way we communicate anymore is email, text messages, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and who knows what next! I’m waiting for the mind reader app which could go really good or really bad…lol!1 But with all this “connection” it seems that we are really craving a connection. You know that old fashioned human touch. That human voice, and no I don’t mean Siri, that just lets you know you are alive and gives encouragement or kind words. It seems we have forgotten to pick up the phone, write a hand written note or stop by for a visit. I am all too guilty of this. With life moving constantly I too forget to slow down long enough to look someone in the eyes and say hello. I was reminded of this a few times this month. After my last monthly letter went out, I received a call from one of my clients telling me how much it meant to her to receive my letter and how she could relate to the story I told. It was the loveliest call and brightened up my whole day. Then a good friend of mine’s mother passed away, and every day I kept thinking I need to send her a card and I got busy and kept forgetting, finally after a few weeks passed I made it a priority to take the time to write and send that card. Now this person is someone who always makes it a point to write hand written thank you notes and every kind of note, she is just an incredibly kind and warm soul and she always reminds me of how important the little things are.

Because those little things are BIG things to someone else.

2 Last story, you may have seen that I have been running/walking quite a bit lately. Even was able to RUN and entire 5K for the first time in my life. I have to say this is in HUGE part to the constant encouragement from my good friend Ron Baugh who has said he will meet me anytime, anywhere to run. This came about from chatting with him one day and he said he would love to have someone to walk/run with, so in thinking I was helping him… he really has been much more of a help to me. The talking, the encouragement and the plain ole human connection makes a difference in each and every one of us and could be the little spark that changes someone’s life or at the very least makes their day a little better. My favorite Quote: Be more INTERESTED than Interesting! Start with the little things…..