So the story continues….

In talking with my client Mark and the interviews he did with other agents, one of the key questions he asked was what was their marketing plan for selling his home and where would they price it.

Most seller’s think we do little more than put a sign in the yard… sadly in many cases they are right.

Well what I know is it’s simple really… there are really only FOUR things that sell any home right?

  1. Location. The good and the bad is this is what it is… you can’t really change this so it will affect value one way or another. If it’s a great location, such as end of a cul de sac, located on a lake, is in a rural area it can increase the value. It it’s a crappy location such as on a busy street, under a freeway, next to a cemetery, backs to a school or commercial zone it can decrease value. For the record I think I have had every one of these homes lol
  2. Condition. A home in great condition with current updates is usually going to get better offers than a home that needs obvious repairs or updating.
  3.  Marketing. Do you do the typical marketing like most agents… Sign in the yard and enter in MLS? Or do you have a detailed plan and checklist that you follow every time?
  4.  Price. This is where the biggest struggle seems to lie. First and foremost, value is what a buyer is willing to pay in an open market and is usually (but not always) based on comparables of homes of similar condition, location and size (lot and home).

So the real tragedy is most agents have no idea where to price a home and literally take whatever number the seller says and that’s where they price it. And frankly are lucky if it actually sells at that price. But usually it will sit on the market until they somehow convince the seller to reduce the price.

And even worse is they have NO PLAN for marketing a home and continue to do the same ole.. .same ole that they see other agents doing or are too dang lazy to spend anytime not only researching the top ways to market a home (this changes almost on a daily basis) much less create a checklist so there is some consistency to your marketing.

Do you have a marketing plan? Do you have a checklist you follow every time? You can do it yourself or…

If not, we have a few editable samples that I have used and developed on my team for the last 20 years that helped me get this most recent MILLION DOLLAR listing inside the MasterClass Real Estate Academy.

You can check them out here:

Always finding ways to improve…