Today was an exciting day. I deposited one of my biggest commission checks in a while… $57,000.

This is not a bragging email…. Seriously! It is a valuable lesson learned.

You see for the majority of average agents out there…this is the end.

What I mean by that is they hustle to find a client probably wasting a bunch of money on some lame advertising, maybe get a lead out of it, push that client into contract, become buddies with them during the contract period… get a big, fat commission check and then never contact the client again and effectively BREAK UP WITH THEM!


Or instead let me take you back a few years… like SEVENTEEN years. Yes you got it right SEVENTEEN… I looked it up they bought in September 1999.

In fact here is the email that tells you all about it:

Here’s the cliff notes. I simply mailed my good ole snail mail Letter of the Heart for oh say 17 years at the measly cost of about $1.00 a month. Meaning I didn’t break up with my clients Mark & Diana when they bought their house from me back in 2001 and I stayed in contact with them… every month… for SEVENTEEN years….

I didn’t harass them or call them every month asking for referrals, I just mailed them a simple little letter every month for 17 years. Nothing fancy.

So for those of you who can’t seem to find the time or the resources to stay in contact with your past clients… let me do the math for you.

Total cost of staying in contact $1.00 per month times 17 years or 204 months = $204. Commission received $57,000….

Return on Investment… RIDICULOUS!

Anyone getting that kind of return on investment with your advertising?

If not, get inside for tons of great tips and tricks to build a lifetime business like mine.