JUNE 2014-In Honor of DadI know my letter is a little late this month! With our son Jon’s graduation, Father’s day and tons of birthday’s this month (Happy Birthday to our Granddaughter Charlotte, Our Nephew Gianni and our Nephew Josiah) it has been craziness!

But I wanted to make sure I talked about Dad’s. You see, my father died when I was 10 years old and since my parents divorced when I was about 5 or so, I didn’t see much of him.

I have a few scattered memories mostly funny ones, like the time he let me and all my friends paint the dog house. Let’s just say it was an eclectic paint job and I think more paint was on us than the dog house. Or the time he put blue food coloring in the popcorn, not thinking that the oil would splatter nor the look on my mom’s face when she came home and we all had blue faces and hands. Or when I wanted to try his cigar and he made me puff on it until I was so nauseous! Now that would be considered child abuse lol but I am sure it is the reason I have never smoked!
Mostly I wanted to honor my husband Joe who I think is the best dad on the planet and has shown me how vitally important it is for kids to have a dad that is active and involved in their lives.

When I met Joe he was already a dad of three great kids, Jessica, Joey and Philip and is probably the main reason I fell in love with him, other than he is super hot

Joe is certainly the balance and the comic relief in our household and nothing makes me smile bigger than when our boys say they want to be just as “cool” as their dad when they grow up. Now I am not sure they mean they love wrestling, lying around in their boxers or going through boxes of otter pops but I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg of his coolness haha!

The best part is he shows them how to be true gentlemen by how he treats me. He is kind, loving, buys me flowers, opens doors for me and generally spoils me rotten.

Thank you Joe for being not only an amazing man, friend, husband but an extraordinary father!
Happy Father’s day to all the great dad’s!