My younger self….

When I was about 15 years old I was in the kitchen arguing with my mom l00000153ike most teenage girls do.

Luckily five out of six of our kids were boys…

I was telling my mom how I had life all figured out and I didn’t need her help.

My mother proceeded to tell me how much I didn’t yet know and that I had a lot to learn.


Her response…Someday you will learn about the BIGGER Pile theory. If my pile is bigger (knowledge, experience, sales etc) YOU listen to ME. When YOUR pile is bigger… I will listen to YOU. And just so you know… there is always SOMEONE with a bigger pile!

Go out in the world and make it your mission to always find people with BIGGER Pile’s and listen to THEM.

Of course the independent, strong willed, stubborn child I was, huffed off and said “hmmff what does she know?”.

What I know NOW that I did not know then was how smart she really was. I wish she was still around so I could tell her, but I am sure she is getting a good laugh up in heaven at how much time, money and energy it cost me all those years of NOT listening to her.

Good news is you can skip all the costly mistakes I made over 23+ years in the real estate industry and go here:

By the way, what great advice did your parents give you? I’d love to hear it.



P.S. I apologize to my mom every day and ask her to take that famous curse off of me…the one that says “May you have kids just like you”.

P.S.S. I am so sorry Mom!