So it seems that yesterday’s post about Negative Nelly and Positive Peggy hit a nerve or a few of them.

I had tons of responses and comments about your same struggles with the CROWD in your head.

But here are a few I chuckled at and a couple that made me think…

Richie Naggar said “Imagine there are parades one after another. You can watch them or join them. Watch those thoughts… don’t cartoon-party-people-crowdactivate them. Pausing, meditating and learning about your small, gentle, still inner voice & conscience prompts will checkmate those non-stop thoughts you speak so well of.. Less thinking, more objectivity”

Richard Iarossi said: “Sometimes I feel like I’m never alone with all the voices going on in my head. You become what you think, so stay positive.

Brian Sirota, Esq cracked me up when he said “Where is Annie Arbitrator when you need her?    ;-)”

Dorte Engel has the best idea “Too cute for words. I liked Brian Sirota’s idea too. Maybe add Molly, the mediator, Debbie the ditz head, Sally, the super hero & a few others to the mix. Pretty soon it will look like a road trip with all of your girlfriends.”

But really loved what Sham Reddy had to say “Great advice!!! Stop comparing yourself to others… Stop listening to Nelly… Build your OWN version of success that works for YOU! Keep moving… Keep doing the work… It will be worth it

The bottom line is we all struggle with the constant chatter in our heads and it is important that you find a way to get ALL THE CAST of characters out of you head.

What you will find is that the TRUE MAGIC IS IN THE MOMENT!

It is that moment when you are just moving forward, doing the work, engaged in a conversation where you are not constantly checking your phone, up in your head, instead of listening… you are WAITING to speak….

My favorite line I have ever heard and I apologize I don’t know who to give credit to is…


Get out of your head and GET INTO THE MOMENT! It’s where the MAGIC happens!

It’s a daily struggle for me but it’s worth it….