And frankly I don’t want to be… and it’s costing you money if you are trying to be!

You see a big mistake I see a lot of agents make is trying to be a little bit of something for everybody and not really being great at anything and honestly…


You even see it in just about every real estate agent ad I see.

Sally Smith… I work with First time home buyers, move up buyers, investors, luxury home buyers, condo buyers, Country home sellers and I will do your loan and help you with insurance and I can wash your car.

Maybe the last one is a bit of an exaggeration but it’s not far off.

I was in Tahoe over the weekend at the Celebrity Golf Tournament on the hunt to hang out with JT (Justin Timberlake for some of you folks that are out of the loop). When I met this couple that were friends of our friends.

The conversation went to the usual place “what do you do for a living” and they said they were in the caulking business. I said “like caulking around your tub?”

Yes… they said but on a much bigger scale.

You see these people have built a business solely around caulking. They caulk all kinds of stuff but primarily around commercial buildings. So the example they gave is that Top Golf is opening in Roseville, close to where I live, and they said that they go around all the exterior of the building, sidewalks and much more to make sure everything is caulked.

So what does this have to do with you?

EVERYTHING…Because these people have gotten extraordinarily rich focusing on a very specific niche instead of trying to be everything to everybody.

I know for me, I am not the real estate trainer for everyone. I don’t teach about cold calling or door knocking, pop by’s or constantly asking everyone I meet for referrals. I don’t teach scripts and dialogue that no one uses.

But I do teach simple tactics about how to Get Rich in your Niche, relationship building by being exactly who you already are and many more UNDER THE RADAR techniques to build a lifetime business of over 3000 happy clients in 23 years.

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