Yesterday was Day One of my Design your Dream Real Estate Business Workshop and we had a wide range of experience in the  room from agents who had been 10+ years in real estate to a newbie with just a few months under her belt and of course myself… 23 years (the old timer lol).

The question came up…

What would I say to me, 23 years ago when I was brand new.

Without hesitation I said I would do TWO things.

1.      I would spend as much time and money as I could possibly afford to talk with and learn from mentors… and I would actually LISTEN to them!

2.      I would start my database/CRM from day one and would be very pro-active in adding names to it and mailing to it every month!

WAIT… this is exactly what I did do…Well I could have listened a little better.

Within my FIRST 12 months I joined a coaching and mentoring program.

I went to every possible training class I could attend.

I joined groups and organizations where I knew the successful agents were.

I set up a database program (back in old school days when we had address books).

I mailed (good ole US Postal Service mail) to my database every month for the last 23 years.

And because I was willing to invest TIME AND MONEY into myself and my business is exactly WHY I have done over 3500 transactions in 23 years.

What would you tell you?

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