A couple weeks ago I attended my 35 year class reunion… yes I said 35 years since I graduated high school.1

So hard to believe… it truly seems like yesterday.

I graduated from Chico Senior High. Home of the Panthers.

It’s funny how going to a reunion can take you right back to yesteryear. And minus a few extra pounds and wrinkles we all looked the same… only better.

More relaxed, less worried about what others thought, who had the cooler clothes, car, friends. We laughed about how important that all seemed at the time.

We reminisced about football games, our favorite teachers and the parties. About cruising on the esplanade and endless summers at Bidwell Park.

And then we talked about our lives now. Our loves… our losses. Our children and grandchildren.

chicoWe talked about our classmates who had passed much too soon and imagined what their lives might have been like and who they might have become.

We danced to the music of yesteryear and talked about all the memories those songs brought back.
It was so much fun to take a walk down memory lane and I loved reconnecting with so many that I had lost contact with. Thanks to Facebook that is getting less and less.

It sure seemed like a simpler time… but what I will say is as much as I enjoyed traveling back in time, I would not trade one minute of my life now and all the incredible blessings in my life.

Have you gone to your class reunion? I would love to hear about it. Shoot me an email or give me a call.
Off to do some disco dancing:)