Having been around the real estate industry for 23 years now, I have made my share of mistakes. Trust me I have made some doozies. In all honesty I have likely made more mistakes than successes.

But I want to tell you about the BIG ONE I made today.

On Monday I received an email from a client that I was so proud of I posted it in our private Facebook group. It went like this:

Reason 5,871 to keep in touch with your database:

Hi Marguerite, You were our realtor when we bought our home in Penryn, about 15 years ago. Wow! How time flies. I continue to think about you because of those damn annoying monthly newsletters. Don’t stop sending them, I read every one. Well, life is what it is, and it’s time to sell my mom’s house. I very much look forward to talking with you.

Mark and Diana

That same day I set an appointment with this client for Thursday at 530 to meet at the home to discuss the values and help him meet an estate sales representative.

Fast forward to today, I woke up late and decided since I planned on being on the phone all day with coaching calls decided not to get dressed up or put makeup on. In other words I was NOT dressed for success.

I had a crazy busy day… you know the kind… where you feel like a SQUIRREL with its hair on fire? I had transactions I was trying to close, a new listing to get on the market, coordinating open houses with my buyers agents, doing some training with my new assistant, trying to pay some bills, coaching calls and trying to get ready for my 35th Class reunion this weekend. Rushed out of the office to get a last minute pedicure and get my nails done. Dashed down to Elk Grove to show a house last minute to a different client….

When the phone rang…

It was my client Mark. I knew the second I heard his voice that I had FORGOTTEN the appointment we set on Monday. My heart sank and I seriously wanted to throw up. I had not only forgotten the appointment I had let down a long time client.

I apologized profusely and he said… Well I will call you when I have time to reschedule and hung up the phone. I wanted to just pull the car over and cry.

For the next 15 minutes I tried to figure out how to fix it. I thought I could race over to his house now, but it would take me almost an hour to get there and I was not prepared, not dressed and knew that probably wasn’t a good idea.

I thought, well I could come up with a variety of excuses as to why I wasn’t there. I could lie and tell him some emergency happened.

But I chose to send him a simple text that said…


“I’m beyond sorry to disappoint you, I’ll understand if you don’t call me back to reschedule but I hope you do”.

And I waited… and I waited… getting more and more depressed.

I was so disappointed in myself. To make matters worse this was probably a $900,000 listing appointment.

Just as I was about to pull into my driveway and pour myself a BIG GLASS OF WINE I got a text back:

“What??? You’re my realtor right? How’s your Saturday looking?”

A tear came to my eye with a reminder that we are all human beings and we all make mistakes and the difference between those who are SUCCESSFUL and those who are NOT is in HOW WE HANDLE our mistakes.


Do we try to make excuses and blame others or do we WOMAN UP (yes I said Woman lol) and own it and take responsibility?

You see, most of the time when we look up to trainers, coaches and successful agents we only see all the stuff they are doing right and when we look at ourselves we seem to only see all that we do wrong.

I learned a long time ago that “the most successful people make the big call and that big call is the one you DON’T want to make. It’s the one where you screwed up or made a mistake or are embarrassed.

And what I have found is that the FASTER you make that call the more successful you will be. I have learned to make those calls in seconds rather than days.

But more importantly I have learned to hang around people that have made most of those mistakes already and are willing to show me how to avoid as many as possible.

One more point… This is also the true value of building, deepening and maintaining relationships and being GENUINE. People will work with you because they KNOW YOU… LIKE YOU… AND TRUST YOU.

Be honest, be you….

With Love and humiliation…..


P.S. My 2 Day Design your Dream Real Estate Business workshop is just a couple weeks away and filling up fast. I will be revealing many more of the costly mistakes I have made in my career to hopefully help you avoid as many as possible. You won’t want to miss this.