For the last year or so, I have come up with a million excuses why I couldn’t get to the gym and exercise. Now I have had some issues with Plantar Fasciitis, and I have been travelling around the country quite a bit, and my boys moved to Southern California and it’s Monday….

The last one is my favorite excuse lol….

But the truth is they are all just excuses….

Kind of like the excuses you might be using to not do the stuff in your business that you know you should be doing.

You know the stuff…. Like getting your database set up… Mailing to your database every month….Prospecting….Getting checklists and systems in place to create consistency in your business.

You know that stuff…

The kind of stuff that would double and triple your business if you just did it.

Kind of like how much better I feel when I exercise.

I know it works… I just don’t do it.

So yesterday I happened to be scrolling through some of my saved videos and stumbled across my all-time favorite.

Take 6.20 minutes and watch it. It is the perfect way to start your Monday.

Stop It Video

After watching this video, I got up, put on my gym clothes and headed to the gym. It felt great just like I knew it would.

Funny how you never regret doing the things you know you are supposed to do, but you regret not doing them.

Since it is Monday it is the perfect day to change that.

Watch the video then go do the stuff you know you should….

Like joining us in MasterClass Real Estate Academy

Or just keep complaining about it for another year….


P.S. Let me know when you have watched the video and your thoughts… I would love to hear from you.