I don’t know about you but as I get older my version of Success changes. I have always been very Goal oriented and written down my goals and priorities from as young as I can remember and as I look back over the years, it is fun to see what has been important to me at the various stages of my life. I remember thinking if I could just make $2.00 an hour (I was making $1.65 at the time) I would be RICH! I think the most valuable thing I have learned is that everyone has their OWN version of Success and that you should never compare theirs to yours! I heard someone say it best once “Comparing is Cancerous”! So Recently I was listening to my friend Dean Jackson who talks about How Will I know when I am Successful. Check it out at http://ilovemarketing.com/episode-22/ . I love that he says that he has learned to tie his goals to a feeling. How he will feel when he accomplishes what is most important to him. He asks this question: I know I am being Successful when? ______________________ Fill in the blank…. Here are a few that ideas

  1. I know I am being successful when I can wake up every day and say what I like to do today?
  2. I know I am being successful when I feel fit and healthy and have a regular exercise routine.
  3. I know I am being successful when I wake up refreshed and full of energy from eating clean and healthy
  4. I know I am being successful when my passive income exceeds my lifestyle needs.
  5. I know I am being successful when I can live anywhere in the world I choose

These are just a few examples but I love this! It seems many times we tie our goals to an object or a money goal, but life is constantly changing and what we want out of life changes. What I wanted when my children were little is very different now that they are getting ready to venture in to their own lives. I encourage you to do this exercise and I would love to hear your thoughts in comments box below. Oh…and be sure to add your name to our newsletter list to get free access to a recent recording of my very popular class “Goals vs Priorities” Here’s to your Success! Warmly, Marguerite