This last weekend was one of the best I have had in a while. And was the perfect weekend for me. It was my baby brother Vince’s 50th Birthday which meant a great excuse for a party and a house full of family and friends. Tons of food, fun and so much laughter that my stomach still hurts a couple days later.

But the best part was to get to spend time with and celebrate my MUCH younger brother (as he says, we are actually only a year and 10 vincemonths apart) and spend time with his new fiancé Stacy and her family.

You see my brother Vince has had a rough road the last few years. In 2006 his wife Charlotte died of breast cancer leaving him a single dad with two young children Gianni and Mercedes. While that alone was life changing, it also happened at a time when the real estate market was crashing and it seemed that the world was closing in around him. But one thing that I have always admired about my brother is his ability to handle life’s curve balls with strength and tenacity. He keeps going and pushing when many others have long given up.

As his older sister, I always worry about him and want to jump in and take care of things, but he frequently reminds me that “he’s got this”!

He decided he needed a fresh start, packed up his kids and moved to the beach. Got a little apartment 3 blocks from the beach and proceeded to slowly rebuild his life and raise his kids.

Fast forward 9 years and he has rebuilt his business with a successful radio show, bought a beautiful home, raised two amazing and well balanced kids and met an incredible woman that makes him smile and laugh like I have not seen in many years.

As we celebrated his first 50 years, I smiled and cried as the song God Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts played in my head and realized that is the theme song of Vince and Stacy.

Vince proposed to her earlier this year and they will be getting married next year and blending their families.

I am excited to welcome her and her two daughters and two granddaughters to our family and finally feel like Vince is going to be just fine.

I am so proud of the amazing man that he is and I am honored to be his “much older” sister.