Getting Stuff Done

by Marguerite Crespillo

Today I was talking with a local realtor who has been in the business a couple of years and is just starting to feel comfortable with all the language and processes involved, but he said “I feel so disorganized and chaotic, How do I change that?”

I sat there silently for a moment and thought to myself “what did it feel like when I hit that wall?” The truth is I hit it every day.  Every day, I look over a process or system that we have developed and wonder how can I make it better? Is this process still effective” Does this system still accomplish the goal it was intended for?

I always think that “One day it will be done! One day the whole system will run perfectly with no glitches and then and only then… I can breathe easier! Okay then I wake up from this fantasy world and realize that IT WILL NEVER BE DONE! The life of business is that it is ever evolving, constantly changing and if we settle for what we have now we may never get to the good stuff.

One of my favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou who says “When you know better, you do better”. The greatest part of that quote to me is that I can let go of my failures and near misses and chalk it up to I didn’t know any better, but now I do, so let’s make it better.

The first trick to getting it done for me is that I give myself the room to screw up, make a mistake, learn the hard way and realize that it is progress not perfection because it will never be DONE, it will only get BETTER!

The second MOST IMPORTANT trick I find is ACCOUNTABITY! When I choose to hold myself accountable or ask someone else to hold me accountable my results SKYROCKET!

Why does the simple act of telling someone you are going to do something makes the difference in results?

It seems that as much as we say we don’t care what others think…. WE DO! We don’t want to look stupid, or a failure or incapable of doing things so we PROVE it to them! We show up when asked, we do what it takes…

Who is holding you accountable and does it work for you?

Comment below let me know.